the light from which we try and run from

by Miserable Kids Club

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These are my tracks off a split I am meant to be putting out. We decided to release my half now as I have a bigger release coming. Once his half is complete we will re-release this as it was meant to be.


released August 9, 2017

All songs written and composed by Alex Woollams

Thank you to Courtney Wright for letting me use her Polaroid as the cover art for this release.



all rights reserved


Miserable Kids Club Campbelltown, Australia

Cosy lofi music with a hint of sad recorded in cars and my bedroom

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Track Name: a new year arrives
Summer nights
Can't help but stay awake
4 hours sleep form 2 till 6
Wake up feeling great
Letting go is such an ugly concept
I've always had trouble moving on
Didn't think it would be this easy
Forgetting past feelings isn't too hard
Clung to something that was long dead
Stuck on what had been buried
Pull myself up from the dirt
Breath new life into me
I am now free
I am now free
Track Name: cold air from hot winds blowing
you have come to terms that you will most likely be alone
forever and that's okay. You are now used to being alone.
A chill down your spine, bones feel hollow, blood so cold
you have forgotten what the warmth of another even feels like.
You still have feelings and your emotions, that in some cases
is better than feeling numb.
Maybe that is why you've
always avoided medication,
even sleeping pills because
you are afraid you will
get addicted. You don't
want to be dependant, and you can't rely on other people often,
but when you can barely look after yourself and push everything
aside, tuck it all away you don;t have many options.
Accidentally starve yourself, blame your environment for
bringing you so low. Try not to hit yourself like you always
do. It may not be a blade but you are still hurting yourself even
if you don't mind the pain. It's hard not to think of dying and it's
difficult to not want to disappear. You want to abandon
everyone including yourself. You are guilty, always
guilty and put tremendous pressure on yourself. You
just want control and you wish it would stop. You can only
help yourself so go get your stability before you
become unstable. Or you might be already and you've
bottled so well that you just don't know it yet.
Until you explode...
Track Name: where are we going
I have been having strange dreams where
everyone goes away
I lose my best friends to each other and I
am unwanted
Terrified that I will be replaced
Why was I never good enough
Lost and scared, abandoned and lonely
I have introduced myself to my end
I wish we could just pretend, just pretend, just pretend!...
You introduced me to warmth and now I
am going cold, I will never strike a match
You introduced me to kindness but I
doubt my sanity will let me trust my
instinct once more