Turn That Smile Side​-​Up Down

by Miserable Kids Club

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released July 19, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Alex Woollams
Mixed by me as well

Written/recorded from about August 2015 to July 2016

Cover photo taken by Nick
All other photos by Alex Woollams



all rights reserved


Miserable Kids Club Campbelltown, Australia

Cosy lofi music with a hint of sad recorded in cars and my bedroom

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Track Name: Comfort Zone
Why can't it be dark all the time
Well not even dark, just foggy and wet
And everyone is dead...
Track Name: I Got A Job Today
I got a job today, but I won't tell my
friends or family

I lost the job today, I think the guy confused
me for myself

I was offered a job today, with a 5:30am
Track Name: Factory Worker
You used to call me before school to see where I
We'd sit against the wall near the library
close together
We'd listen to music and talk about concerts or
people, share stories or just sit in silence.

We would hug and I'd walk you
to roll call, if it was cold I'd lend
you my jacket.

We would see eachother at recess and
now I imagine this everyday with him

with him instead
with him instead of me
while I work here in this factory

my pathetic thoughts
Track Name: Ben Lomond
I had a dream the night we took you car
around the round-a-bout and hit the curb.
We were going down that same road, 100k/ms
an hour. We came towards the bend, the
road was wer from the rain. We went into
the air unrealistically and slid sideways.
I remember screaming... or maybe scrambling
as we hit a tree horizontally, the car
crumpling, crushing us inwards then black...
I remember blinking, waking up, still in the
dream. I hear sounds,
we're trapped upside down, I'm in the
back, you're in the front.
Shattered glass abd blood pooling, I think I
shout your name and wake up.

Maybe we should have died that night and that scares me
Track Name: Still
Bipolar sugar high
I am soaked yet I am warm

Feet sore and aching
But nothing has felt so good
To run away from it all
To run away from everything
The lack of communication is better than anything
I know I am, no idea where I'm
going. But I don't really care, just
good to be outside, don't plan on

I am alive
I am free
Track Name: In The Arms Of Another
Sleeping in the clothes you bought me, I sought
refuge in the arms of another
I slept in the arms of another and wished it was
you even though we've never slept in each others

Wrapped in my shirt but you wore it first, on
that night at the beach
She rarely sleeps but I heard her heartbeat, it
steadied her breathing being wrapped in my arms.
I could only think of you and remember the
times we planned this instead. I wish it will
be someday, one day soon but for now I
have my arms wrapped around another.
Track Name: Separation Anxiety Disorder
The days fly by but the week stays the same.
I'm finding it hard to confide in anyone.
You need your time, I won't be led blind.
We talked the other day and everything was
fine, but now I'm anything but fine
I'm falling apart.
I can only think of this as a long healing
process. Things will be okay again someday.
This has been the longest week of my life,
but the days have never passed so fast.
Track Name: A Relationship That Never Happened
You said you needed space so at
least I could prepare for the worst
I need to have more hope and know
that we will come back together,
we always have... eventually
I am so scared of how long this
space will be
I'm terrified of things being different
other than the time we spent our old
lives. Waiting for winter, I
dislike the thought of my future

We were given our chances, I
messed them all up. Maybe I'm
too hard on myself, it's alright
we'll give it another go.
I'm still glad things went the way
they have, forever grateful for
everything. All these little
moments, good and bad through
thick and thin.

I will happily leave but only
with you. Wherever she goes
I will follow, I don't want to go
unless it's with you.
Can we please start again or
pick up where we left off or
just give it another shot?

Everything is fine
Nothing is not alright
Track Name: Feeling Nothing Is As It Should Be
It's hard to get across the feeling of
uncertainty when I'm not sure what
to write.
I feel like I've failed myself, it's hard
for me to envision my dreams ever
working out.
I'm trying to crawl back into things
left in past years, but I'm stuck in the
present burdened by myself, the
weight of the past and the
expectation of the future.

My feet are still cold in the warmest
of socks, my bed is unwelcoming
and hard to fall asleep in.
Lying awake each night for hours,
tossing and turning.
I wanna beat the bad thoughts out of
my head.

I'm apart of a family that isn't my
own. Slowly distancing myself from
most of my friends, a recluse in the
making. A misprint puzzle piece.
Don't know how things turned out
this way. Life sucks because I let it.

I may just be a whiny kid, but I want
things to be the way they were
I want things to work out
I just want to be okay
Track Name: I'm Not As Sad As I Let Myself Believe Sometimes
Broke the car driving this morning so
I stayed at a good friends house.
Slept on the couch and missed out on

A lot has changed since then
(obviously) the car has been
fixed (obviously)
I still want to go back a few years;
although when that incident
happened it was only a single year.
Nothing is the way it was
Nothing is the way I want it to be

Now I just sit at home, throw pity
parties and feel sorry for myself;
and yes I know it's pathetic, it's so
very wrong
Track Name: Birthdays Used To Be Exciting, Now They're Just Depressing
I have slowly accepted that I know I will die;
not a care in the world, a somewhat comfort
in the thought.
Nihilist in the streets, existentialist in the sheets; I stole
that line from a t-shirt, off a page that posts sad memes.
I can't believe I just wrote that, why am I
writing this? The whole point of this song was to
express my thoughts of death are bliss.

I have accepted that I want to die; not much
left in this world, not much comfort in that thought.
Anxiety in my head, pessimism says I'm dead, all these
thoughts run through my mind but are better left unsaid.
I can't believe I just wrote that, why am I writing
this? The whole point of this song was to say
getting older isn't bliss.
Track Name: You Knocked Down My Walls
I saw my best friend today.
It cheered me up.
She jumped into my arms.
I smiled.

...and now I'm crying with happiness
Track Name: School Fucked Us Up
The wrong time at the right place
Too soon or too late?
Held hands, sleepover plans
Future looking bright

Poolside in a caravan park
Drives late at night
2am "missing you's"
The best times of my life

Different schools at first
Then the same
Both times it didn't work
I'll take the blame

Maybe in the future something will happen
I sure hope so

I hope one day you're truly happy
So I can never truly be sad
Track Name: A Narrative Of How It All Fell Apart
They day I scratched a car while
parking; I should have druven off or
not returned
Sometimes all it takes is a ride in a
paddy wagon to get your motivation
My old phone rests six foot deep in a
pit of water. It's where I want to be. I
lost everything, it had many things
Talon of the hawk, some of the best,
despressing scraps I'll ever write.
Mannerisms, euphemisms,
metaphors and confessions.
Memories of adventures,
shenanigans and good times.
So many texts and comforting
reminders, now they all rest in my
head where my mind can eat them.

In a tug of war with myself. One side
trying to pull me back to the past
and the other trying to get me back
on my feet. I'm stuck in the middle
(I'm stuck in limbo)
(I'm stuck in between)
Each day takes me further from
where I was and closer to where I
want to be. But where I was is where
I was most comfortable. We only get
so many chances.

Wake up, try to roll out of bed. End
up rolling back to sleep instead

Everyone and everything is dead
yet I still manage to feel worse than
everyone else
(At least from the outside)
(Can't tell from the inside)

All I have is a want and a goal.
Everything in between seems